Communication that can be seen, heard, touched and felt, both intellectually and emotionally. For a world where we interact with products, brands and experiences with joy and respect
Yellow Beak Press is committed to the preservation of the largely oral and visual history of traditional American tattooing by publishing collections, biographies and ephemera.
In close collaboration for over a decade, Object has helped Yellow Beak Press grow from a labor of love into the premier publisher of American tattoo history.
Radically empathetic fashion designer, Carla Fernández worked with curator, Florence Müller to organize this to-date retrospective.
Celebrating indigenous pattern-making: always. Demanding nuclear disarmament: check. Constructed to be handed down through generations: of course. Object was tasked with creating a graphic program to support the multi-layered meaning found throughout the exhibition.
Nivas helps families living in extreme poverty find dignity, security, and strength through the process of becoming homeowners.
Object worked with Nivas to formalize and evolve existing elements to produce a powerful, iconic visual presence.
Can a collaboration with you and Object make a positive impact on the community? Let's find out.
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