Yellow Beak Press
Lost Love: Vol. 1–3

Design for the first three volumes of the seminal collection of American tattoo history and ephemera.

Lost Love is a multi-volume collection of American tattoo art and ephemera. Loosely organized by era, each volume provides unprecedented insight into this secretive world. From the outset, we worked closely with historians, collectors and editors to develop a presentation that is equal parts logical, and fascinating. Each volume is organized by tattoo epoch, however the order is not strictly chronological, as that would not adequately tell of the ebbs and flows of the last 120 years of modern tattooing. Special care was taken to ensure that the experience of opening to a random page can be equally engrossing as reviewing the book in a cover-to-cover fashion.

Yellow Beak Press
Object Roll:

Writers: Scott Boyer and Kayla Gronseth, Research: Carmen Nyssen, Editor: Ross Viator

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