Denver Art Museum
Carla Fernández: Casa De Mode

Radically empathetic fashion designer, Carla Fernández worked with curator, Florence Müller to organize this to-date retrospective.

"The best design is not that which disintegrates, but that which remains. We want our clothes to be so lasting that their whisper will be heard by other generations. Fashion is not ephemeral: Neither is our planet, Nor our relationships."

From Manifesto of Fashion as Resistance

In terms of design intent, working with Carla and her Artist/Architect husband, Pedro Reyes provided an embarrassment of riches. We ultimately created a unified graphic approach which employed a rigid typography and layout, while allowing the materiality of each gallery to inform the final signage. Graphics were produced with silks, concrete, canvas, wood and paint, with the goal of minimizing materials which will find their way into a landfill.

Denver Art Museum
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Curation: Florence Müller, Jane Burk, Exhibition Designer: Pedro Reyes

Fernandez tile wall graphic. Black Silk wall with white print.
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