The Goal
Object Studio has chosen to support clients who's work can be shown to provide benefit beyond their end-users.

Object Studio is devoted to understanding. Our approach is both exploratory and grounded—defining practical objectives, infusing them with your ideas, and forging results through an empathetic, transparent, collaborative process.

Work is just better when we hold a couple ideas as truths.
1. We learn more when we assume less.
When we move through learning ourselves we can suss-out the right paths to guide an audience. This manifests in our coming to each project free of assumption. Through a robust discovery employing interviews and research, Object remains receptive to the needs of the user, project and partner. This is central at the outset of our relationships and projects, but it is imbued at every stage by maintaining a healthy critique of all decisions throughout, and a willingness to adapt based on new information, understanding or need.
2. Expertise is empathy.
Communication design is experienced by everyone—giving everyone the right to respond to communication design. One doesn't need to be able to craft a logomark or capture an iconic photograph in order to provide insightful contributions to the process. The core expertise we provide is an ability to hold all input as ingredients, then rebuild in various proportion, crafting a beautiful and effective result.
Object is a strategic design shop. We are well-versed in brand, print, digital and environmental design conditions—often assembling and managing seamless teams for digital production, printing, fabrication and copywriting. In this way we can get the most out of any budget by procuring only the appropriate experts for a given project.

Budgets are further protected by providing a single project fee for service. Our clients know what they will spend before we begin and assured that there are no surprises at the end of the day.

Projects are very rarely the same, but there are a few steps that we take to ensure that the outcomes are ideal. Every project, at any scale, goes through the same phases;

Discovery > Scoping > Consensus > Concept > Testing > Refinement > More Consensus > Production > High-fives.
Blaffer Museum
Clyfford Still Museum
Denver Art Museum
Denver Botanic Gardens
Fergus McCaffrey Gallery
Giuliana Imports
Go Bike Go
Korbel School of International Studies
Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Red Rocks Cycling Club
Specific Beauty
University of Denver
University of Colorado - Denver
Viki Myhren Gallery
Visit Denver
Yellow Beak Press
Can a collaboration with you and Object make a positive impact on the community? Let's find out.
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